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In uVAMPIRE, Gwen Dylan dines on the grey matter of a person who knew her as a child – and things quickly get complicated. Meanwhile, ghost-girl Ellie learns a few tricks from Amon the mummy; Spot the were-terrier meets someone from Gwen's past, Galatea engages in some grave-robbing; and monster-hunters tackle the town's vampire problem. Collecting issues #6-12 of the Eisner Award-nominated series, plus a story from the HOUSE OF MYSTERY ANNUAL #2.


Her name is Gwen Dylan, and she's not the girl she used to be. She's a zombie. And just because she eats brains doesn't mean she can't still lose her mind.

When a wave of dead-body disappearances hits the mortuary where she usually gets the meals that keep her from becoming a brainless monster, Gwen's memories of her old life start fading away. Fortunately, the memories she's absorbed by eating the brain of someone she was once very close to offer tantalizing clues to the life she left behind.

But while Gwen tries to put the pieces of her past back together, her present's growing grimmer by the day. A mad scientist with a sinister scheme has forged an alliance with a vengeful vampire. A debonair mummy is offering Gwen and her ghost friend Ellie a devil's bargain to get their lives -- er, undeaths -- back on track. And a bloodsucking menace is about to take a bite out of Gwen's monster-hunter crush.

Can Gwen solve the mystery before she goes mindless, or is she just digging her own grave?

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