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I, Zombie...I, Like!

OK, I, ZOMBIE.  Whoa.  
 I won't reveal too much of this story, other reviews touch upon a number of things so I will just say that is the literal jumping on point for me.  I'd wanted to get the first 4 issues when they were released but alas, plans didn't work out.  So I decided to take the same stance on this ish as I did with my review of INVINCIBLE #74, in that I wanted to delve into whether or not a new reader could follow what is going on mid-stream.   
 The answer is yes.  Not a resounding YES, but yes nonetheless.   


 The new reader will deduce there are relationships between Vampires, a Werewolf teen dude, a Ghost girl, an undead Egyptian dude, a monster hunter, monster hunters, an organization of said monster hunters, and the title Zombie chick.  All done  with nice twists of humor, and even a down to Earth ( pun intended if you read the comic ) feel to it all, placing it in the real world in a sense.   
 I will never hide the fact I am indeed a fan of Mike Allred and his wife Laura Allred, just like G-Man is.  I am not copying him I've been that way since Mike Allred's flagship comic MADMAN hit the stands.  Here they both do some outstanding work.  Showcasing a mix of slight cartoony, comic book flair mixed with simplistic yet believable and almost real looking people and backgrounds.  


 I wonder if Mike Allred may be using photo references, or even tracing at times.   Not certain if he is.   This  has been a bit of a contention for me of late regarding a number of comic book artists,  but that's another issue altogether.        Despite this bit of reservation on my part, the art is as always colorful and beautiful to behold.  You will probably read this and re-read it just to check out the panels, the colors and the drawings.  Allred draws women in a very pleasant good girl way without being overt about it in any fashion.   Also, I will echo another review and say there isn't a lot of action.  In fact a bit too much is shown regarding the beginnings of a possible romance.  I mean, I get it, two characters are possibly interested in one another.  Was it necessary to show EVERY step they were taking on one page?  The art was impressive, yes, but totally unnecessary.  Could have been used showing some more action.   


 Again, here is a comic book that is an entire US Dollar less expensive than any other Marvel or DC ( although Vertigo being a DC imprint).  Worth it!
 If you are even slightly interested in any of the usual Horror and Monster themes, this is a comic that uses them and uses them well in a way that is a refreshing take on it all and a welcome one at that.   

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    Not so good 0

    I have read the other reviews and I have to agree that the art is quite good. But, for 5 issues now we have seen 5 watered down stories that have had no resolutions. Each character in the comic has had almost equal time as Gwen has. The comic is called I, Zombie, yet the story revolves around 5 different characters. There are more story plots opening and not closing than during Lost's last season. Nothing is getting resolved.  I mean there are cliche's walks interrupted by a supposed clever take...

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