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One Arc Down...Hopefully Many More to Go

Well, currently I, Zombie is the "hot new thing" in the Vertigo line-up* so as should be expected it's got more publicity then some of the older stuff but now that the premier arc is over, how is it holding up? 
The answer is quite well indeed. My first impression of this book was sort of you know, it looks like it could be a little fun but it didn't seem to have much substance. Sure it was different, but there was no...well...there was nothing philosophical about it. Not saying every good comic needs philosophy, I'm just saying at first I didn't see how long this could be interesting, but now, now we have a moral dilemma and I for one have definitely perked up. I really liked Roberson's explanation last issue about the various mystical creatures and Allred's art is superb as always. 
I still am a little worried the series is too see-through with some ideas where I think it's going but I'm willing to except a surprise a long the way. Also, my least favorite character currently is Spot so that he didn't have as large a role in this issue suited me just fine. Either way I do think this arc as a whole held up and I'm interested to see where this is all going. Roberson said he had 25 or so issues planned in an interview so I'm sure there's lots of stuff being built up to I'm not even seeing which excites me. 
Definitely give this book a read, everyone else is doing it, give into the peer pressure. At the same time though, I wouldn't define this as a Vertigo classic just yet so if you want one of those I'd have other recommendations.
*I don't think is a good thing that five issues in and it's still the newest ongoing, we've just had four ongoings cancelled this fall and I don't see any news of an upcoming one (and the earliest month that hasn't been announced yet is December) so I'm actually worried for potential new ongoings right now.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I am clearly scoring this book a lot lower then everyone :S

Posted by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: I think I scored it higher actually...truth is were it any of the previous issues I would have scored lower, I just felt this issue succeeded in making this a title I can get excited about in the future, hence the five stars...however after the first arc I can get back to being more critical so we'll see how well subsequent issues do

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