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Izabel the babysitter - Saga #4

Right after The Stalk has seriously injured Marko, Izabel tells Alana that she can save his life if she allows her to bind her soul to Hazel. Izabel wants this so she can leave Cleave with them.

Alana reluctantly agrees, and Izabel in essence becomes Hazel's first babysitter. Izabel, having helped save Marko then leads them to a rocket ship that can take them off planet. She stays with them until the ship is invaded by Marko's parents Barr and Klara who banish her to a nearby planetoid.


Izabel is one of the ghosts bound to the planet of Cleave. They are known collectively as the "horrors".


Izabel was created by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples, his first appearance was in Image Comics' Saga #2.

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