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 a fast growing distibutor of digital comics, iVerse was launched November 8th, 2008 on Apple's ipod and I phone.
 The company reported over 100, 000 comics downloaded in their first two months, and over 9 million downloads in 9 months. 
The Google Android downloads initially where purchased individually. this proses took up too much memory. the fix was a sort of shelf app. comics had to be purchased and saved onto the app, and then viewed in the app instead of individually. it is unclear whether that has changed or not.

until September 2009, downloads from iVerse to the ipod/iphone where single issue, downloaded directly from the app store and with their own individual icons. But iVerse was eventually able to create an app the acted as a comics shelf and store, similar to the app required by Android users.
in October '09, Marvel Comics added a selection of their comics to the digital comics community.
these are the Publishers currently available on iVerse:
Antartic Press
Ape entertainment 
Archie Comics
BOOM! Studios
BlueWater  Productions
Chimaera Comics
Dabel Brothers 
Devil's Due
Image Comics
Marvel Comics
Red 5 Comics
Small Scale Comics
Supercharged Theory
Top Cow
Top Shelf Productions

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