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Ivan is a mysterious hunchbacked giant with enough raw physical strength to stand up to even the Frankenstein monster himself! But for all his power, he still hates his body to the point where he would gladly swap it for even that of one that has been made from various corpses and brought to life by mad science! (Namely, The Frankenstein monster!) it would seem that it's not all bad being Ivan though, he can apparently not only survive being shot in the back by his master, but come back even stronger than before about a hundred years later! although he put up quite a fight, it appeared that even he wasn't invulnerable to a broken neck when he had a rematch with Frankenstein's creation and during the fight the Frankenstein monster did just that! Not much is known about Ivan however, and even this deadly encounter might not mean that we've seen the last of him... At least, not for very long...

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