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In the beginning of his career he works together with Oscar in magazines and newspapers like Mata Ratos, En Patufet, Vida Deportiva, Mundo Diario or Diario de Barcelona. Together, they found Barrabas magazine. There is nothing like it at that time, and it inspires the two major magazines of the 70's: El Papus and El Jueves. He creates another magazine on his own that wasn't sucessful and goes back to El Papus magazine. Months later, a fascist terrorist organization puts a bomb at the magazine's office. The doorman dies and there is 16 wounded. The magazine, that so far attacks fascism constantly, starts to go down hill. Most of the writers and artists move to El Jueves. Ivà moves to El Jueves as well, and creates his best known series: Makinavaja and Historias de la puta mili. He also publishes some strips in newspapers La Vanguardia and El Periodico de Catalunya. He dies of a car accident in 1993.

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