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The I'Than were once a conquering race of war known as the I'Than Dominion. They eventually became a peaceful race once they realized the error of their ways and became known as the I'Than Seclusion.
When one of their planets known as I'Than IX was approached by Galactus, the residents fled to I'Than Prime, their homeworld. But the planet was destroyed by Beta Ray Bill who sought to starve Galactus. Still hungering, Galactus was led to I'Than Prime by Stardust. Having no alternatives, the I'Than opened their vaults and began to prepare to wage war for their home planet.
Beta Ray Bill asked them to leave while they could, but they refused. Bill resorted to blackmailing them by giving them a nanovirus. The cure would be given to them if they left the planet. They cursed Bill for this.
Some of the population fled as Bill had requested. Many others reformed the I'Than Dominion to battle Galactus. They nearly succeeded in destroying the extremely weak and starving Galactus, but a change of heart caused Bill to protect him. After Galactus fed on I'Than Prime, he destoyed their fleet.

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