Who would win...? Itachi or Madara?

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Who do you think would win out of a battle between Itachi and Madara...? My opinion, Madara would most likely win, not for being older and more skilled, but because he knows more secrets about the Uchiha Clan, than I think Itachi does.

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Battle threads =P

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Yeah, this is a battle thing, but Itachi would beat Madara, and he even admitted it, assuming the secrets were enough to keep him from death. Itachi was plain out better than he was, its simple, he just wasnt as old and experienced to know the things that Madara hid from him

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NAH UH!!! MADARA WOULD BEAT ITACHI!!! he has more years of experiance with the sharingan AND... hes not blind...

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At his peak, Itachi would have Madara begging for his life after only a few minute of fighting but near the end, Itachi was weakened. It is obvious to us all he wanted sasuke to kill him. He failed by not being able do keep the act long enough and fell dead on his own after the tough fight. 
I guess it all depend on when that fight happen. From the day Itachi got de Mangekyou, he got stronger than Madara. Madara even say so himself.
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Most likely Madara because he has and knows a lot more powers than itachi.

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Itachi imo Madara seemed worried about him and didn't try to do anything serious with Itachi alive watching he waited till he died

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yes true but current madara would stomp him hes got the rinnegan implanted in him
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@Valtot said:
" @PirateKing69: yes true but current madara would stomp him hes got the rinnegan implanted in him "
lol he doesn't have any feats with the rinnegan....but i do agree Madara would most likely beat him now based on what Nagato did with it
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Reality what happen if Itachi fight against madara

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