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It The Living Colossus levitates itself to take on fighter jets.

Boris Petrovski was forced to build a gigantic statue to represent the symbol and strength of the Moscow government by his brother Ivan who was the head of the Iron Curtain Security Police. Boris carved a massive giant out of stone in a matter of weeks when a flying saucer crash landed nearby. A crab alien appeared and told Boris through telepathy that he needed to seek refuge and protect itself from harm until a sister craft could rescue him. The alien Kigor phased into the massive statue and was able to animate It The Living Colossus. The police force saw the giant move and started to shoot the stone behemoth. The alien inside became startled and used the Living Colossus to defend itself against various military strikes and attacks. Ivan would capture his brother and planned to destroy him and the Living Colossus with a bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb. The Living Colossus sensed the danger and levitated itself towards the sky and caught the bomber. The Colossus hurled the plane into space where it exploded. It returned back to the foundry when Boris was able to free himself. Boris saw a second saucer appear and the alien left the stone statue. The alien headed back home and It The Living Colossus remained as an inanimate statue to be marveled and behold by the people of the Steel Curtain.


It The Living Colossus was created by Jack Kirby and an uncredited writer in 1961 and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 14.

Mayor Story Arcs

Return of It, the Living Colossus

It The Living Colossus comes to California.

The crab creature returned back to its home planet of Cancrius III when it developed a new regime after a fierce battle with a hostile faction. The aliens' once peaceful attitude towards other planets has changed and wanted to pursue a course of aggression and conquest. The crab creature told its leader that the armed forces of Earth could be defeated by weakening their confidence and morale. Some aliens headed back to Earth as the Living Colossus was being shipped to America when the Democracies were holding an international fair where the stone giant was to be displayed as a symbol of their national progress. A spaceship intercepted the shipping vessel that carried the Living Colossus and three crustacean aliens entered It's body. It The Living Colossus was alive once more and it headed straight to America. A movie scenery designer named Bob O'Bryan and his co-workers heard the news that the Living Colossus was headed towards Hollywood. Bob and some of his men started on a massive project as the Living Colossus started its reign of destruction in California. The Living Colossus eventually reached the studio lots when it was about to crush an actress named Diane Cummings. Bob warned the aliens that they were finished when a bigger monster appeared in front of them. The aliens believed that monster was more powerful than It The Living Colossus so they abandoned the body of the stone giant and entered the other monster. Suddenly Bob ordered his friend to press a button and the monster the aliens were inside exploded. Bob's plan to scare the aliens into entering a fake monster made out of wood and plaster worked out perfectly. The aliens did not realize it was laced with explosives until it was too late and It The Living Colossus remained as an inanimate statue.

Becoming a Hero

It returned to life once more when he was activated by humans again. However, this time It became a hero to the people instead of a menace. He fought to defend them and fought various monsteres creatures. He even encountered the Incredible Hulk once. This meeting however worked out in the worst possible way when the two of them started a fight. The all-powerful Hulk eventually defeated It, whom seemed to have perished at the end of the battle. It was later revealed that It was brought back to life once more but fled soon afterwards to finally find peace for good.

Meeting Deadpool

Two sea creatures take on the Living Colossus.

Other Versions

Marvel Adventures

It The Living Colossus gets the slingshot special from the Avengers.

It The Living Colossus would be involved in a story taking place in the Marvel Adventures comics which are standalone stories and does not take place in the current Marvel Universe continuity.

What The DUH?

To this day, nobody at Marvel Entertainment has yet bothered to work out a solution to what remains a major mystery concerning It, The Living Colossus: exactly how a solid stone statue originally carved with no jointed parts can move without cracking.

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