It Girl! and the Atomics #2

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The Good

First of all, I really dig that cover. How many times has a cover contained a scene that has absolutely nothing to do with the story inside? Madman, Mr. Gum and Metal Man aren't in the issue or even on Earth. Last issue left off with It Girl agreeing to take part in one of Dr. Flem's crazy experiments that would subject her to an electronic transference. Of course it doesn't go as expected. She finds herself going from place to place, not quite sure if she's really in these places or not. Her powers don't work and she has a hard time not falling through objects. Back at the lab, the others try to figure out what has happened and if she's okay and some evil doers are making plans of their own. And let's not forget about the Skunk trying to make an honest life for himself.

Jamie S. Rich is doing what I didn't think was possible. He's taking the wonderful characters that Mike Allred has created and capturing their personalities and essence. Reading this, you realize how many great and fun characters there are in the Atomics and in Madman's supporting cast. He gives us a crazy adventure with a hint of mystery as well as just the right amount of action.

Mike Norton also has the difficult task of drawing the characters that Allred has left his mark on. Norton's art combined with Allen Passalaqua's colors gives us the perfect vibe and atmosphere needed for the story and characters. It's not Mike Allred doing the art and Laura Allred doing the colors but they're showing us these characters can be safely handled by others.

The Bad

I'm enjoying this series more and more with each issue.

The Verdict

I've been missing and craving Mike Allred on MADMAN. The creative team of Jamie S. Rich, Mike Norton and Allen Passalaqua have done what I didn't think was possible. They've taken the characters I've grown to love and are giving us a spectacular series. I enjoyed this issue so much I went back and read it a second time before writing this review. As a huge Madman/Allred fan, I never thought I would be so accepting of another creative tea but everyone involved has won me over. I absolutely cannot wait for the next issue. Comics should be fun and exciting and IT GIRL AND THE ATOMICS is exactly that.


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