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Isley was the first of the male Claymores and was ranked #1. Eventually he awakened and became the first Abyssal One. He was most powerful of that generation and was known as The White SIlver King. He has been alive for many years and has seen most of the 48 generations of Claymores. Isley took over the north lands upon gaining status as an Abyssal One. He has a army of the reamaining male Claymores, and had Rigardo working for him. Eventually Isley and Rigardo encountered Priscilla when she was on her destrutive rampage. They battled her and eventually lost before she was about to kill them Priscilla reverted back to her human form with no recognition of what happened. Isley then reverted and swore allegiance to Priscilla, and since then they have been traveling ever since. With Priscilla his ally he then decided to gather all of his men and started to take make his way to take over the regions controlled by Riful, and Luciela. Isley then met Raki before heading to the south. Priscilla took a liking to him so Isley decided to let Raki join them until he finds Clare. Isley also took a liking to Raki and decided to teach him how to use a sword. After he took over the reamaining villages in the north Isley made his way to south to battle Luciela. They then began to battle and Isley was gaining the upper hand on Luciela. But she retreated and was later killed by her sister Rafaela. Isley then gained control of the south. Now Isley is making his way to the west to kill Riful.

Seven Years Later

Isley is found in human form at Helen's hometown. He immediately acknowledges Helen and Deneve even with their Yoki masked. The pair just tried to pass Isley by but he struck Deneve down without hesistation. Isley engages Helen in battle while still in human form. He nearly kills Helen before Deneve recovers to join the fight. The pair ready themselves for a final battle with Isley. They are interrupted by creatures identified as Abyssal Feeders. Isley reveals his true form taking on a horde of the demonic enemy. No matter how many times Isley strikes down the demons they regenerate and long to devour him.

Powers & Abilites

Isley is very skilled in using a sword as he was seen teaching Raki how to use one. When he awakens he becomes a jet black centaur with a bow in one arm and a spear in the other. With his bow he can creat living arrows to which he can control where they go.

Isley as he appears when awakened.

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