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Ishiti is a Demon-Goddess of the Hyborian Era with snake like features. She is a daughter of Set, the Elder God. She has demonstrated an ability to freeze certain individuals and objects in time. This power for some reason does not affect snakes or individuals affected by snakes. For example individuals with snake poison in their blood were not affected.

Ishiti is apparently a shape-shifter. In her only major appearance ("Conan the Barbarian" vol. 1 #134 (May, 1982), she demonstrated two different forms. One was a giant snake form with a humanoid head, albeit with a Medusa-like crown of snakes instead of hair. The form was large enough for her mouth to be able to swallow Conan without needing to bite him. The other was still giantic but featured a humanoid torso, ending in a snake's tail. The latter form included mammalian features, including human hands and breasts.

She inhabits an other-dimensional realm and teleports intended victims to her realm. Her scales were immune to conventional weaponry. She can throw powerful mystical blasts from her mouth, known as "Ishiti's fire". However their purpose is not to kill. Targeted humans who get repeatedly blasted by the energy are transformed to her own variant of Snake People and bound to her will.

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