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Doctor Irwin Teasdale was a research scientist at Stagg Enterprises. He was working on development of biological weapons. His specialty was a mutated disease-strain known as poryphrya. During his studies he discovered that the disease caused by this strain has many similar symptoms with the vampirism phenomenon. He decided to emphasize these effects by further mutating the strain. His experiments were so successful that they brought the attention of Simon Stagg. He ordered to test resulted gas on human subjects. Irwin was asked by Simon to observe the experiment first-hand from the helicopter. He agreed, but during the observation pilot tried to kill him, saying that this is Stagg's order. Teasdale somehow managed not only to shoot the pilot, but even survive in the ensuing crash. Alive and kicking, he was approached by the Grey Man who revealed that he's responsible for this miraculous salvation. He saw a big potential in Dr. Teasdale, so he spared him at the crash. The Grey Man proposed that they should cooperate - an offering which Dr. Teasdale couldn't refuse. With the undead army growing bigger, Irwin was moving closer to the same facility where he was working to have revenge on Simon Stagg. He drove them into the electrified fence that surrounded the facility. The resulted simultaneous release of tormented souls was fully consumed by the Grey Man who grew powerful enough to oppose both Justice League of America and Justice League Europe. Meanwhile, Irwin has finally found his enemy who was on his way to helicopter. But when he was about to kill his former employer, the Grey Man, now of enormous size, stomped on him claiming that the death is the penalty for his failure.

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