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Captured by the High Evolutionary and his unlikely allies, Iron Man learns the dark truth of the genius creator's plans. Meanwhile Thor battles to recapture the Destroyer armor stolen from Asgard. The paths of these two heroes are about to cross, and if they can't stop the High Evolutionary's schemes, then the fates of Mankind and Planet Earth alike will be altered forever!

Inside the walls of Asgard, Thor battles the troll Ulik, trying to keep him from escaping with the Destroyer Armor. Their fight is suddenly interrupted with the arrival of another man, a villain named Diablo. Diablo tells him that he will take the armor. When Thor tries to hit him, Diablo performs an alchemy that makes Thor's lightning backfire. Within seconds, Ulik, Diablo and the Destroyer Armor are gone.

Elsewhere, Tony wakes up to find that his armor functions have been inhibited by High Evolutionary. High Evolutionary talks about making a new God, one who would combine divine power with modern science. He says that the old Gods have recently ceased to serve their purpose. The vessel for this new God would be Tony Stark. While Tony listen to his ramblings, he secretly starts de-powering the immobilizing device attached to his neck.

Volstagg gifts Thor one of his Dragons, and then Thor rides with it to a museum. He finds an enchanted book and within it an enchanted painting. As he fumbles with it, the book starts glowing with energy.

Soon after Diablo and Ulik make it back to High Evolutionary's lair, they spot Thor trying to forge a doorway into their realm. Crimson Dynamo travels through the portal to stop Thor. The other view the pitched battle on a giant screen. Diablo is uncomfortable with Tony free and expresses his disgust. Tony tells him that he is interested in becoming the vessel for this new God.

Meanwhile, Ulik recognizes that Dynamo might not be able to stop Thor. As he tries to get into the portal, he is blasted from behind. The others turn to see Tony Stark in fully functional armor. Tony asks them to stop this insanity.

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Vessel of a new god 0

  Definitely there´s a boost in the plot, since DnA explained more about the High Evolutionary´s plans, but still there´s something amiss here in this arc story, especially the poor characterization of the plot´s main villain. The High Evolutionary would never allie himself with Diablo, especially allowed him to question his plans. Now that we know Tony´s part in the High Evolutionary´s plans, I got to admit this is a dumb plot, a terrible story, not because the idea wasn´t good or interesting,...

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