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Ironman Rocks and Rolls

Iron Man comes to the big screen and makes a great impact. The movie tells about how he became Iron Man and what happens when he makes new changes for himself. In the movie he's an arrogant playboy in the beginning, but after coming close to death and nearly getting killed he changes for the better. The story was told very well on how he became Iron man and I liked the suits he wore against his enemies. The cast did a great job and Robert Downey Jr was an amazing Iron Man in the movie. Obadiah was a great villian to have, Yensin was awesome, Pepper was incredible and Rhodey was cool, but I wished we could saw him in the armor too. Overall, I'm giving a 4/5 because it had great action, a great story and showed how Tony Stark became Iron Man. The ending was great and seeing Nick Fury was awesome and I can't wait to see him with the Avengers, but overall its a movie people need to see and watch and should get it to enjoy a fun time too.

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