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Iron Man

Wow. This movie rocks. I don't know where to start. The movie started out with a bang. It's like putting an Iron suit and flying sky high. Anyways, this movie is that good and I have no bad things to say about it. The acting was that good and the story was superb. I loved Downey's performance as Tony Stark. He nailed it and no one else can do better than Downey. Ever since Downey's alcoholic days, it's like his role was waiting for him that long. It may not be the reason why he acted as one of the greatest Marvel geniuses. But it suits him for the character who has a drinking problem. Downey brought Tony Stark to life. His looks and personality fits perfectly. As goes for Obadiah Stane, Jeff Bridges was awesome. He played as the perfect villian for the first movie. If Mandarin appeared first before Iron Monger, then this movie wouldn't be a super hit. So it's good to have a corporate/business villian to appear in the first movie. I'm glad that Mandarin didn't appear in this movie even though he is considered as Iron Man's main villian in the comics. Paltrow was awesome as Pepper Potts. I loved her character. She played Tony's love interest well.  I also loved the suit design of the Iron armors. The Iron armors looked exactly the same as the comics version. The first one that Tony made while he was captured by terrorists and then later the upgraded red and yellow-colored version. Terrence Howard played better as James Rhodes and Tony's best friend. I loved the way how he looked at the other gray-colored Iron armor. This movie was great. Even though I was never a big fan of Iron Man mythos, this movie makes me feel that I wanted to read the Iron Man comics and become Iron Man. I guess I have to read the Matt Fraction's run. I heard a lot of good reviews about it. This movie is one of the best Marvel movies I have seen in ages. I give this movie, 5 Iron suits out of 5.   

Posted by MrFantastic

Very fair review.  One of my faves!

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