Your favorite Iron Man villains.

Posted by JJ62 (1299 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: Your favorite Iron Man villains. (24 votes)

Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger 29%
Justin Hammer 0%
Living Laser 17%
Ezekiel Stane 4%
Titanium Man 4%
Madame Masque 0%
Ghost 8%
Crimson Dynamo 25%
Whiplash 4%
The Mandarin 79%
Fin Fang Foom 21%
Dr. Doom 25%
#1 Posted by JJ62 (1299 posts) - - Show Bio

My personal favorites are Crimson Dynamo, Fin Fang Foom and The Mandarin.

#2 Posted by lilben42 (2614 posts) - - Show Bio

Is Dr. doom a iron man villain?

#3 Posted by JJ62 (1299 posts) - - Show Bio

@lilben42: He has been utilized as one many times.

#4 Edited by tupiaz (2242 posts) - - Show Bio

@jj62 said:

@lilben42: He has been utilized as one many times.

Isn't only David Michelinie that have used him in his three stories (Doomquest, Doomquest 2 and Legacy of Doom) if you don't count the Avengers stories? I would still say that in those stories they have such a rivalry that the fit so well as enemies. I would like to see more stores with Dr. Doom and Iron Man.

Anyway I voted for Dr. Doom, Obadiah Stane and Mandarin.

What about Wong Chu?

#5 Posted by jointron33 (1813 posts) - - Show Bio

How can one character's villain be so horrifically adapted?

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