Why I'm excited for Phase 2.

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Ok so I saw the trailer for Iron Man 3 yesterday and I have to say I am really excited for Iron Man 3. It will blow the crap that was Iron Man 2 out of the water. But I'm not just excited for Iron Man 3 I am greatly looking forward to all of the Phase 2 movies for a couple reasons:

1): Phase one was spent introducing the individual members of the Avengers and then bringing the team together to fight Loki and the Chitauri. As the Avengers have gone their separate ways after this enormous battle in New York now we get to see how their lives have been affected by this great battle. As Stark says in the trailer "Nothing has been the same since New York" which seems to indicate that the battle with the Avengers in New York has radically changed his life. Not only will we see that in Iron Man but we can also see that in Thor and Captain America as well as Hawkeye and Black Widow if they make an appearance in any of the phase 2 films.

2): I think the threats will be greater for Iron Man and Captain America at least because in the case of Iron Man the man who is generally considered to be his greatest foe in the comics, and that is Mandarin. Also Captain America is facing the Winter Soldier who I think is just as great a threat as the Red Skull, if not more considering Bucky was his best friend which makes the fight more personal. For Thor I think Loki will always be his greatest threat, more so than Malekith or Surtur or the Enchantress so with Loki having been defeated in the Avengers he will want revenge on Thor which means he could be an even bigger threat in Thor: The Dark World than he was in Thor.

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