Why does Ironman have a reactor in his chest?

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I remember a long time ago Iron Man has surgery so he didn't need it in his chest anymore, but I know it's been in his chest again for a long time. What happened that made him need it again?

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Oh he has it again? I had no idea.

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As detailed in Extremis and past Marvel continuity, he used to wear a breastplate that held the pieces of shrapnel with magnetic fields. He never had a reactor in his chest before (that's only in the MCU). Either way, eventually medical science caught up and he could get it out.

But in Fraction's run - when he had to delete his brain to prevent the SRA database from getting into the hands of then-HAMMER-director Osborn - his entire body basically went brain-dead. Until he was revived by installing an arc reactor (same tech he previously used to save Pepper) into him. Or something like that.

Either way, yeah he has a thingy in his chest.

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