Why didn't tony call the mark 7 or a different suit

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If tony had the chip in his arm the chip would probably work like the bracelets right. So why didn't he just call the mark 7 to fly to him or ask jarvis to make a suit fly over to him like in breakout part 2 in avengers EMH

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@waveslasher: what is this pertaining to? IM3? The comics? What?

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All the Suits were trapped in that cellar. Jarvis let him know when the Basement door was finally able to be opened when he was on the boat i think.

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The marks 1-7 wern't

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Didn't tHey blow up?


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Yeah Marks 1 through 7 were destroyed with Tony's house.

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What was tony doing while pepper had the mark 42 couldn't he just tell JARVIS to get a suit out of the mansion

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