Who's smarter Tony Stark or Carl Sagan?

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Now before you ask questions Carl sagan is a real person who is one of the most famous astronomers ever.

Who do you think is smarter in the field of science?Carl sagan Or tony stark?

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Umm, bit random!

I guess the answer is Tony Stark - purely for the fact that Carl Sagan's scientific achievements are well documented and defined and he can never better then since he is dead. However, writer's can make Tony Stark as smart as they wish. Even ignoring that, Stark has designed and created repulsor units and armor that lives in his body, so I'd take that as a major win over Sagan.

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This should be Reed Richards versus Carl Sagan. They both have great knowledge of space where Tony has amazing knowledge of machinery, computers, and how to seduce women.

But back to the point...

I haven't seen Carl Sagan make as suit of Iron Man out of scraps while under capture in Vietnam like Tony so....I'm giving it to Stark.

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Tony Stark and it's not even close.

#5 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Man of Yesteryear said:

Tony Stark and it's not even close.

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@TheGreyOutcastX: Reed Richards?That could work I should do that.

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Tony Stark.

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I like Carl Sagan much MUCH more than Stark. Sagan is awesome!

#9 Posted by TheGreyOutcastX (2068 posts) - - Show Bio

@CrimsonCake: Be aware that, Reed would crush him in a scientific contest.

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