When was Gregory Stark born?

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I just got finished reading Ultimate Iron Man 1 and 2 about Ultimate Iron Man's Origin. When did Howard Stark have time to have Gregory Stark and who could possibly be the mother cause I doubt it was Maria Stark, and does anyone know anything more about him other that his involvement with the Ultimate Avengers?

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He first appeared in Ultimate Avengers, he was created by Millar who I think either chose to ignore or forgot about Ultimate Iron Man and Ultimate Iron Man II. We really don't know how Howard dies in this universe, we know he does, we just don't know how. So Gregory could have been born after Ultimate Iron Man II, but I'm not sure how that could be he's supposed to be Tony's "older brother" from what Millar said.

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According to Gregory himself (he says it in the comic), he's about 20 minutes older than Tony

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