What has been your favorite Iron Man story ?

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So what do you think is the best or your favorite Iron Man story ? thanks.

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Without a doubt, "Extremis" and everything in "Invincible Iron Man" so far.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
"Without a doubt, "Extremis" and everything in "Invincible Iron Man" so far. "

Yeah I just got invincible iron man omnibus volume 1 from ebay today and it collects issues 1 to 19 so I will be reading a lot of that.
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''The Five Nightmares'' is fairly fun.  It was probably one of the more effective rebirth of a character I have seen and it brings a lot of interesting new stuff to the table when it comes to other characters like Pepper Potts and eventually Maria Hill.

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There is no doubt that the original Stane storyline 161-200 is the best Iron Man storyline yet written. There were a few small arcs written after this but none with the depth and scope of those issues.
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1. Armor wars 
2.  #280-291 
3. Demon in a bottle

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World's Most Wanted
In no particular order, but World's Most Wanted really got me into liking Iron Man again after Civil War

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any story where he gets his ass kicked

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The Five Nightmares

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Top 3 would be: 
World's most wanted 
Demon in a bottle 
Honorable mentions would be: Iron Monger and Doomquest :D 
Haven't read armor wars yet :(
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@higher_evolutionary said:
any story where he gets his ass kicked
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The thread got a random bump from a spammer, but what the heck...

Demon In a Bottle is my favorite Iron Man tale of all time.

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World's Most Wanted maybe.

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Also, Extremis was the first comicbook I ever read all the way through.

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Extremis, civil war and the confession, most of the stuff surrounding stark disassembled.

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For now? Extremis. Aside from Granov's photorealistic art and design sense, as well as Ellis' great concept of Tony being the 'test pilot for the future' and making him for the first time ever a futurist - the thing I like most about the story is the inherent 'realism' of it. In it, Tony with the armor really feels like he's piloting a wearable weapon, and in the clashes with Mallen, it's just straight up brawling. There's no witty banter - the combat feels more like how it would be in real life, intense with no time for comebacks. I thought it made the story all that more grounded in comparison to other IM comics.

But in truth, I haven't read that much of Iron Man. I'm still working my way through Fraction's run right now. I'm also a little ambivalent about picking up the older stuff like Armor Wars or Demon in a Bottle, mostly because I can be a little picky when it comes to older comics.

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Extremis was the storyline that got me into really reading Iron Man, but I like it's still a tie between Armor Wars and Demon in a Bottle.

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