What are Iron Man's most durable suits? Their abilities?

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I'm not much of an Iron Man expert. I was just wondering, for those of you who are, what are Iron Man's most durable suits? I know Hulkbuster is a mighty brute. But I also hear the Thorbuster is a powerhouse too. But then there's the SKIN, which I hear is close to Adamantium in terms of durability. If so, how did he make it like that without Adamantium?

If you could put his most durable suits in order from one to five, or one to ten, what ranks as his toughest suit, second, third, and so on?

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His adamantium suit was durable.

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I would say his Thorbuster suit was probably the most durable mainly because it was brushing off hits from a Skyfather (King Thor). His second most durable would probably be his Iron Destroyer armor from Fear Itself. The material in it was magically enchanted Uru metal (same stuff Mjolnir is made out of). Third would probably be Bleeding-Edge because it took hits from Thor and an amped Grey Gargoyle (amped by the Serpent and he was amped to Thor levels of strength, power, durability, etc.) and Ulik (amped by the High Evolutionary). Hulk-buster (from World War Hulk) was probably the fourth since it tanked plenty of hits from an enraged Hulk. Then I'd say Extremis is next since it tanked two really hard hits from Odin Force Thor, Sentry, and Hulk. He also tanked a nuclear explosion in this suit.

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