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In the wake of Siege, the Avengers have reformed with Iron Man and Thor working side-by-side again... did I miss and issue or something? When did Thor decide he was okay with everything Tony did in the Civil War? Was it in one of the hundreds of Siege Tie-ins that I only fliped through in the store to find out if any of them where worth buying? 
I know Tony had his brain wiped out and rebooted but it doesn't change the fact that he cloned a god, and Thor doesn't strike me as the forgiving type.
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He never said he thought it was okay, but he also said he doesn't hold it against him since they used to be good friends, so they were kinda neutral at that moment.

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There was one of these 

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as LT1085 said he will be keeping an eye on him but what I want to know seen as theirs a new team what does Spidey have to say about him?

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@The Cracked Genome: See Invincible Iron Man 25.
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@gui22 said:

" @The Cracked Genome: See Invincible Iron Man 25. "

Yeah, the two have a good chat about where Tony is now with the world, read this issue and you'll see where their friendship started rebuilding itself once more :)
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I read what y'all are saying 2 weeks ago. I looked at IIM 24 and I'm confused now. It shows him reading about the civil war. He DID forget it though right? Say he did talk to Thor and had not reviewed all that? x|

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@pepperr said:
" I read what y'all are saying 2 weeks ago. I looked at IIM 24 and I'm confused now. It shows him reading about the civil war. He DID forget it though right? Say he did talk to Thor and had not reviewed all that? x| "
Yeah the backup of his mind was two years old so he was missing that much memories. Even though the world hats him he can almost correct his mistakes. Smh
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   There has yet to be a scene where Tony says to Thor "I had people under my command create a clone of you, then, as a weapon. I...I'm sorry for what I did. I don't even remember the reasons or lies I must have used to justify the...act to myself, but...obviously I was wrong. Horribly, criminaly wrong. Nothing could have justified it. Nothing. All I can say is that I must have been out of my head at the time. Please. I know I don't deserve it...but please...if you can find it in your heart...can you forgive me?" 
   Me? I still wouldn't just trust the man. Tony's actions were 100% beyond the pale, but...from a common sense point of view, I know that Tony, Carol and Reeds collective douchbag actions are the results of terrible writers who don't understand the characters. I for one LOVED seeing Steve take the kid gloves off and read Tony a plane spoken riot act over the Civil War in Seige Aftermath Avengers Prime.  
   But still...he cloned the man and told the world that the clone was the Real Thor. He then used the Clone-Thor as a weapon. A weapon that killed another hero. Tony Stark = Douche.
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@LT1085 said:

" There was one of these  "

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You really got in that wagon... 
Even in the crazy world of Mark Millar's Civil War, even Cap was underhanded.  Heck, the only reason no other heroes died was purely a matter of luck of the character's parts and given that you give the poor writing power for bad, but still hate the character when he is in good hands, you just seem just as obsessed as I am, but in a weird way...
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Civil War was something that detracted me from Tony/Iron Man. He was waaaaay too Douchey and I began to dislike him and his (pro-registration) team. I think they're doing a pretty good job of turning things around (i.e. mind wipe, honestly forgetting things, free repulsor power for the world, etc). It's also good to see Cap being the "top cop" and first on his itinerary was to repeal the registration act.  
long story short: it appears that many are already forgving him 
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Its because Thor is above your mortal perceptions of right and wrong and knows Tony is a true warrior at heart.
With that being said he will also smash Tony at the first sign of him being a douche.

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@Nova`Prime`: That how I feel Thor is God he understand some part of is and the other part we fail he like 'wtf why you did that' but then he sees the good we do and is glad, his like a super cool Jesus

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