The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes - Micro-Episode 4 - Iron Man

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As we wait for the October 20th premiere of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD we are still getting micro-episodes introducing all of the Avengers' members individually.  
Check out the previous episodes:

Like I said, the first episode seemed to leave a sort of cliffhanger. Now we get to see the story advance on this episode of Iron Man vs HYDRA

"HYDRA Lives!"
Iron Man may have finally met his match as the villainous organization known as HYDRA unleashes the Dreadnoughts against him, mechanized war machines built from technology that Tony Stark himself created! 
Written by Brandon Auman
Directed by Vinton Heuck  

Maria Hill and Nick Fury make an appearance which makes me think that this means Fury probably won't get his own Micro-Episode to star in. This episode also ended in a sort of To Be Continued matter... 3 episodes for Iron Man?

-- Geo ( sora_thekey ), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and an all time geek!
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loving these little episodes...I now can't wait for the actual show to start

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@danhimself: I also just posted the 5th episode!
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@sora_thekey:  I also commented on the 5th episode!

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