So Iron Man is going to be in Gaurdians fo the Galaxy?

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Have they released any information beyond the cover art of the first issue? Is it Tony? Arno? Some Random dude that's into metal cloths?

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It is just a similar looking armor

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@Superguy0009e: Actually I'm pretty sure they announced at NYCC that Tony was on the team, so...

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Think they said that different Avengers would take turns in serving on the Guardians.

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I am pretty sure guardian of the Galaxy will be on Avengers 2

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Yes, that's totally Iron Man on the cover. At the end of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #8, Iron Man says he's jealous of the team and would love to do what they do. He then says to himself something like "Well, I do deserve a vacation."

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vance astro , he was tired of the cap look

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@MadameMasque: nice one

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@ MadameMasque

Didn't Moon Knight kill you?

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@SoA said:

vance astro , he was tired of the cap look

I'm never tired of the Cap look :P
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@Vance Astro: lol

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We just saw him say goodbye to everyone at his company and then blast off into space in his solo book, so yeah, I'd say so.

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