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I was watching Iron Man 1 on FX(prob my favorite of the 3) and as most of you know he announce at the end of the movie he was Iron Man, which at the time was epic and all, but i have to ask. At what point in the comics did Tony became public with his identity? Was it Civil War?

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Damn,I just saw it,too.....but I don't think it was Civil War,I think it was WAAY before that....I think.

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@hushofthewind: I watched that too. It was on today lol.

"Public Identity Reveal and Secretary of Defense

Stark would later reveal his identity to the world when saving a puppy from a speeding car since he was unable to completely mask himself in time. Afterwards, Tony discovered that the Government was once again using his technology, and was able to do so legally due to a copyright loophole that Tony exposed himself to by revealing his secret identity. Tony decided to accept a Presidential appointment to serve as the President's new Secretary of Defense so that he could monitor and direct the use of his technology by the Government."

--Comic Vine

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I think it was sometime between 1998 and 2006, as I remember him not even revealing his identity to some team members during Kurt Busieks run.

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