Need help to ID cover

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I'm trying to find some info on a comic I have that has different cover art than what is on the common issue. The comic is Marvel Vol 2 No 1 Iron Man Nov 1996. The comic is identical in every way except for the cover art and isbn #. I've added three pics that show the series, isbn number and covers. The cover in question is on the left.

Thanks for any help.

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@blclemon75: Its probably a variant cover or a second print.

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@guttridgeb: I don't think it's a second print because EVERYTHING is the same in the copyright description. Is/was marvel known for offering multiple covers on their comics ? Would this cover have any value since I can't find another single example of it anywhere on the net or in cover archives ?

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@blclemon75: Marvel does do a lot of variant covers now. I'm not sure about then but it is probable. Most variant covers are a bit more expensive than their normal counterparts. I don't know about other currencies but in England they are only a few more pounds.

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