Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Iron Mania

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From the Stark Expo 2010, the festivities continue with the star-studded Iron Mania game show, hosted by Iron Man himself. In the latest episode (episode 12) of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!, celebrity contestants Brian Michael Bendis, MC Chris, Claudio Sanchez from Coheed & Cambria, Nick Fury, War Machine, Thor and Hulk take part in a charity edition of Iron Mania.
Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

== TEASER ==
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Hulk's in it?


So is that like "Hulkamania?" 

Hulk: Whatcha gonna do brother!? When the Hulk goes SMASH on you!? Thing: Ooh scurry!


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don't really like this show, prefer Marvel vs DC on youtube

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Lol, Claudio Sanchez, I was not expecting him.

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Bendis writes Siege, New Avengers, Avengers, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Ultimate Comics Enemy... and he still has time to appear in a game show?
Wow he must have some kind of superpower!
Not as funny as Marvel vs DC on Youtube but it was ok!

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I hate to admit but that marvel what the --?! was a bit weak. :/ 
Hey Mistress Redhead! How's that for a "productive comment"??!!

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Nothing personal but the sound quality on that was unbearable, couldn't hear.  These are still funny.
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@NXH: Maybe it needed more MODOK.
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iron deadpool!or Ironpool.Which one sounds better?

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DeadIronpool has a nice ring to it
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Haha that was real good.
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Well it was funny. until deadpool showed up.

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Best line: "I'm Deadpool, I'm everywhere!"
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LOL i LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!!

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