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Hey guys, I'm wanting to start picking up the Invincible Iron Man series, but I'm not sure where to start. Is there a recent jumping on point, or should I go back and get some older stuff? Any help would be appreciated.

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Jump out. They are doing another "Tony Stark is not Iron Man" story.

Speaking seriously is might be good though. The set up for it makes sense but just the general idea behind it has been tired out for me so for this event I'll be sitting it out.

If you do want to get into this series and keep as much money in your wallet I would suggest starting with issue #510. All you have to know from Fear Itself is that in order for Tony to get an audience with Odin in order to use his forge he had to get drunk therefore breaking his long standing his sobriety.

Your're just in time to start getting into this event called "Long Way Down" which deals with Tony and his future as Iron Man. That starts at issue #516

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Much appreciated. I'll try it out! Thanks again.

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I'm not reading Iron Man again until Matt Fraction leaves,I find his stories long and boring.

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