Little Big Planet's Iron Man Sack Boy

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Concept Design
Just a few days ago Marvel announced that 20 of their most popular characters will soon be available on Sony's Little Big Planet.  The promo poster featured 20 shadowy silhouettes & left us guessing who was who.  Today, Marvel has revealed the first official images of Iron Man!  Well... the Sack Boy outfit of Iron Man.     
Iron Man, along with Captain America & Wolverine, was one of the first character designs that was released as a promo way back in July 2009.  It looks like there have been a few changes over the last year (mostly to make him look like he's straight out of Iron Man 2).  So... What do you think? 
I Am Iron Sack...!

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It looks nice.
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I'm waiting for the X-Men characters to be Little Big Planeted.. Can't wait for Magneto and Rogue. Which Rogue outfit do you think they would go for?

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