Ironman Mark III Armour 3D Model

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That's looking very nice. Very nice indeed!

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Awesome well done :)

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@_Suicidal_:  if i pay u  would u make other custom figures? your works amazing!
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@theicon: If you browse around on turbosquid you may find exactly what you are looking for already made :) 
Thanks for the compliments!! :D
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Looks awesome! Do you have those shoulder guns he used in the village scene? ^_^

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This is pretty beast!

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@Aiden Cross: I actually don't, however I did mean to add them. :(
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That is sick

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This stuff is awesome

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Sweeeeet! Nice work :)
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Looks good! Very 3-D.

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first ones has no metal look at all and look like toys.

the one with the yellow metallic parts looks sometimes dark and oily (which is very wrong) and sometimes too bright and too worn out. it is as if someone filed them for hours with a sandpaper.

model itself awesome though.

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Yeah getting the metal texture right is tough. Even ILM said they struggled with it. :S

For the first one I couldnt even get it close to I just left it. The second one I thought looked alright so I kept it.

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