Iron Mans Suit (IM3)

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Is it bad that i'm more excited to see the other armors for IM3 than i am for main one he's running around in for the film? Since its initial reveal I have hated the heavy gold primary design, and i steal groan when i see it, and i doubt this is gonna change (still hate amazing spider-mans suit)

However i'm excited as hell to see the deep space armor, stealth armor, and even the ultimate-esque looking suit, that are probably only going to be present for the final battle of the movie...hell even the hulkbuster (which looks like Iron mans slow cousin...sorry if that offends people) has me more stoked than the main suit.

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@DH69: HEY! I'm someone's slow cousin!!!!

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@danhimself: i already said sorry.

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I was badly surprised myself when I found out about the new main Iron Man suit in IM3, but, look on the bright sight: the final battle will be awesome... hahahaha...huh...never mind...

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The gold primary is a bold choice, and while I prefer the red, it doesn't get in my way. That said, HULKBUSTER takes precedent over everything else.

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@dh69: Me too, but Amazing spiderman 2 is gonna have Tobey Mquires suit.

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@ultrastarkiller: actually its supposed to be a closer look to the ultimate comics suit

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I've never understood IRON Man wearing GOLD.

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the best alternative armors that they show are mark 39, mark 17, mark 33 and mark 40

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