Iron Man vs. Hank Pym: Who's the bigger brain?

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Hank is the smarter of these two geniuses.


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He himself keeps admitting a bunch of other people are smarter than him. Even Peter Parker. So it's hard to tell when he doesn't even believe himself to be the smarter of the two. Not saying he isn't smarter but is there a reason people claim he is?

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I think deadpool's the smartest jk ( mind you he did kill them both)

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@m3th said:

@karrob: @princeimc: @morpheus_: Eternity said "they MAY be smarter." Eternity never said they ARE smarter.

Did you see the scan above. Reed is smarter says Eternity. Tony wasn't refereed to as smarter but as another facet of the intelligence puzzle But the acknowledgement from Pym and Eternity IMO means that those 3 are on considered the most intelligent hero's hands down with Reed being acknowledged as the smartest overall. With that said since most of Tony's technological advancements mostly benefiting him I give the edge to Pym in brains.

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Hank is the Scientist Supreme. Tony isn't as smart as him.

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It's like asking is a brain surgeon is smarter than a computer programmer. And then making them switch places. They both have their specific and respected lines of work. Socerer/Scientist supreme clearly doesn't mean the best of the best, it's just how they handle themselves, how they are as a person, and how they handle their respected line of work...

....if that was the case we wouldn't have someone claiming a 15 year old peter parker was smarter than him.

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Reed>Hank>Tony (just out of those three).

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I honestly think that Tony's by far and wide the intellectual wunderkind that Reed and Hank both wished they could be.

Hank and Reed research to come to conclusions that Tony seems to accomplish in seconds, possibly due to the aforementioned upgrade which boosted his intelligence far beyond standard human levels. Tony sees a problem, and immediately comes up with both a solution and execution, and then works toward that execution. This is why Tony's foes need to be more of the mind than the body, such as The Mandarin, Zeke Stane, the Hammer sisters, and so on.

It's also worth noting that Tony is an incredibly strategist, as we saw thanks to Fraction's run, and there's been evidence in the past that Tony can apply his vast intellect to detective-work, too. Most notably, Tony is out there, trying to save the world with ideas like Stark Resilient, whereas Reed and Pym slave over their studies in musty old labs, ignoring their life and the world outside. They need to actually sit down and think about a problem, whereas Tony just immediately arrives at the solution.

Of course, endless research and insecure second-guessing likely amount to good qualities for a scientist, hence Hank becoming the Scientist Supreme. But, again, Hank was also told that he wasn't nearly as clever as Tony. The area where Hank or Reed differ from Tony is that both want to sit in a lab second-guessing themselves. Tony doesn't need to second-guess himself, he's beyond that. He's a living computer at this point, he runs simulations on the fly, in his head. He simulates everything he needs to within the space of his brain whilst he's doing other things, and then he applies that with aplomb.

And speaking of how Tony can multitask, it's worth noting that he can attend social venues and interviews whilst still piloting his armour, without being in it. He can pilot a highly complicated piece of machinery which is centuries more advanced than anything else within that Universe, and at the same time he can be elsewhere, doing other things. So the raw computing power of his mind is astounding.

I'm also going to be controversial, here -- Doom is a poser, and Tony would likely be able to deal with him so much more easily than Reed. The Mandarin is a far more clever, strategic, and intelligent foe than Doom could ever hope to be. Doom is, quite honestly, a pale imitation of Fraction's Mandarin. I've never seen a Marvel villain actually pull off something so profoundly Machiavellian.

I guess it's not fair, really.

The thing is is that if we were comparing Tony pre-upgrade to Reed and Hank, then Reed would likely beat him to the punch, and Hank would be lagging behind them both. But after the upgrade? Tony doesn't have a human-level intellect any more. He has something so, so much more. After Extremis and all of the modifications he's made himself, he's posthuman, through and through, whereas Reed and Hank are just... human.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that whilst Tony has had a successful career building all sorts of things, and only very rarely has he produced a bad invention, Hank and Reed have a vast library of failures to their name. Just something to consider.

So I don't even think it's a fight.

I think that for the Neo-Luddite though, there's going to be a preferential attitude towards Reed/Hank, because they're just humans and not posthumans. But that's just silly. The mountains of evidence show that Tony was always on par, but surpassed them when he became posthuman.

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" @lazystudent: I havent seen him come up with anything huge since he gained his intelligence (besides his new suit) which although is cool, doesnt scream out smartest man through out all of history

@mr.obvious: I think even in the MU the characters all agree Reed is the smartest "

What about that egg-shaped doomsday device? That seemed pretty, uhm, huge?

But yeah. I'm thinking Reed's the overall smartest guy in the MU. Tony and Hank, don't know .. I think Hank might be smarter, but he isn't as ambitious and grand-thinking as Tony is.

Talking about the equipment in the Doomsquest story? Doom admire Iron Man's intelligence and calls him a genius.

@icon said:



" I'm going to disagree. Pym is smarter in robotics than Tony is. He's smarter overall. Pym created Utltron which in turn created Vision and Jocasta, and Alchemy. Hank has created beings with the ability to create. Has Tony done anything like that? Ultron took over the Phallanx in Annihilation. He became a galactic threat. Tony makes machines. Pym creates life. Yeah they turn on him but atleast they have that choice. Tony's robots are mindless drones. "

Yes, he has. Tony has created multiple artificial intelligences like HOMER and PLATO that were far more than "mindless drones". He even created an armour that was so advanced

it developed sentient life

(and even fell in love) despite safeguards Stark had in place to hold it back from becoming sentient (an injury to the armour negated those safeguards). And that's an important point. Stark has shown himself capable of creating "life" as you put it, but he refrains from doing so because of the ethical dilemmas involved. It is not because he isn't smart enough.

In Doomquest when they are making the device to get back in time he thinks that he have never met one with such a intuitive gasp of electronics. You could make the assumption that Tony at least thinks he is smarter than Hank when it comes to electronics.

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@tupiaz: Yeah i dont know the Doomquest story. I would be happy to hear about it though, or if you can tell me the issues to read

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Marvel ranks Banner higher than Stark, nevermind Pym.

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@degraaf said:

@tupiaz: Yeah i dont know the Doomquest story. I would be happy to hear about it though, or if you can tell me the issues to read

There are two stories the first one is in vol. 1 149-150 where Doom admires Iron Man (Tony Stark) (see my last post). In the follow up story (also know as Recurring Knightmare) in vol. 1 249-250 (both written by David Michelinie, no he didn't stay on for that long he had a break between his two runs even though he has written over 80 regular Iron Man issues not counting annuals and mini series). I don't remember anything mentioned in the follow up story that mention Starks intelligence they are both collected in the Hardcover Doomquest. The first story is collected in David Michelinie omnibus vol. 1 (his second run will be released in a vol. 2 at some point but vol. 1 was released earlier this year so it could take a while). David Michelinie made a third Iron Man versus Doom story in the miniseries Legacy of Doctor Doom (like the two first also drawn by Bob Layton).

However if we go back to the Hank Pym versus Iron Man then in the beginning of the Iron Monger story vol. 1 193-194 (taken place between the two Doomquest stories written by Dennis O'Neil who was the primarily writer between David Mcihelinie's two run) Tony Stark says Hank Pym is one of the Smartest men Tony knows. James Rhodes (this is before he became War Machine and is at this point Iron Man) is seeking help from Hank with the Iron Man suit (it gives him headaches because the suit is build for Tony Stark's brainwaves). However the reason for this is that Tony Stark doesn't want anything to do with the Iron Man suit as he sees it as the reason he began drinking (he couldn't live up to the image as a hero).

I hope that helps added some bonus info.

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Pym is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter.

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Pym. But it is close.

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no contest here

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Pym. But not by much

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Hank Pym is smarter

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@auldwolf: You sir, just won this thread! Stark FTW!

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