Iron Man On Your iPhone AND Your IMAX

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Call me goofy, but juxtaposing the words “Iron Man” and “app” always evokes a funny mental image that I just can’t shake out of my head. I just know Tony Stark would be all over apps, so it’d make sense for him, being the grand multi-tasker that he is, t probably be rolling through them even when he’s in the middle of a superhero fighting. Just picture him checking New York Times’ headlines, posting a photo album about his recent trip to Fiji on Facebook, playing Tetris AND tweeting about it all… while he’s in the middle of a brawl with the Crimson Dynamo. He would have ALL of them.

I bring that up because we just got word that Marvel’s released a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch called IRON MAN CENTRAL. As I’ve confessed before, I’m something of a caveman when it comes to all these new gadgets, but I do know that you can download this at iTunes. Basically, it’s designed to look like the holographic HUD inside Shellhead’s helmet and it gives you a steady stream of updates for all things Iron Man. Seriously, all things Iron Man, wherever you go. Iron Man news, Iron Man videos, Iron Man wallpapers, Iron Man character profiles, Iron Man show times, probably even tutorials on ironing that somebody can cleverly connect to Tony Stark. This app sounds like it’ll put some much iron in your system, you’ll be sweating bullets and spitting nickels.

Actually, the metal most relevant to Iron Man is gold, right now, because the movie’s raking in some serious cash already. It hasn’t even come out in the good ol’ U S of A but, according to Coming Soon, it’s already pulled in $100 million internationally and broken TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN’s record for highest-grossing 2D IMAX release. Actually, if you want to see it on IMAX, SHH’s got a full list of all the theaters showing it. And, for once, this is applicable to Comic Vine maniacs from every corner of the globe. 

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This is one of the reasons my girlfriend isn't pumped about have an iTouch. =)
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@mattydee007 said:
" This is one of the reasons my girlfriend isn't pumped about have an iTouch. =) "
this is one of the reasons that i'm considering getting a Itouch
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I live in Midlothian, and that theater is a walk away!

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big list.

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