Iron man extremis explanation please!

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Can someone please tell me what do I read after Extremis that continues after that?Execute Program or Worlds most wanted or demon in a bottle.I want to read forward not backwards.

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You could just have google it? Hopefully you have. Anyway Execute Program is happening directly after Extremis (doing Civil War) then Worlds most wanted (doing Dark Reign) Demon in the bottle happened in the 70's.

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After Extremis you have Execute Program, then two issues of Iron Man Civil War. After that the title got changed to Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (on account of events in Civil War). It's supposed to be great - well, all of it is. The end of Director of SHIELD leads right into Fraction's 4 year Invincible Iron Man run (Five Nightmares, World's Most Wanted, etc.). So going in that order, from Extremis anyway, would be going "forward".

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