Iron Man armor

#1 Posted by luke_kerridge (187 posts) - - Show Bio

How many marks of the armor has there been? Thanks

#2 Posted by Zachattack1239 (144 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll list ya some armors that every shellhead needs to know about

1.Original grey armor

2. Golden Avenger Armor

3. Original red and gold armor

4. Iconic armor (classic red and gold)

5. Space armor mk1

6. Stealth armor mk1

7. Hydro armor mk1

8. Recovery armor

9. Silver Centurion armor

10. Stealth armor mk2

11. Neo-classic armor

12. Telepresence armor

13. War machine armor

14. Hulkbuster mk1

15. Prometheum armor

16. The crossing armor

17. retro armor

18. Sentient armor

19. S.K.I.N armor

20. Tin man armor

21. Thorbuster armor

22. Extremis armor

23. High Gravity armor

24. Hyper velocity armor

25. Bleeding edge armor

Thats 25 armors, i tried to put them in order but i'm not sure if the order is correct with all of them. Those are pretty much all the main ones

#3 Posted by luke_kerridge (187 posts) - - Show Bio

@Zachattack1239: Oh right, is it only in the films that there are "Mark"s? One of my friends seems to think there's six or seven main armors all based on the movie armor

#4 Posted by Zachattack1239 (144 posts) - - Show Bio

@luke_kerridge: Nope, the comic armors have marks too. In the movies a mark is just a new armor, in the comics they are only listed in marks if it is an upgrade of an armor that already exists. The stealth armor from the comics has 3 marks. There are a couple armors from the movies that are based on comic armors such as the silver centurion, extremis, original grey, and stealth.

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