Iron Man (animated) clip

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That DVD keeps begging me to get it as soon as it's in stores...

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I wonder if Tony Stark's current suckage is gonna affect the sales of it.

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Are you kidding, most of the movie buying public has never even heard of Marvel's Civil War. It may affect sales among the geeks, but I would guess that we'll account for less than half its sales anyway.

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Soooo, did anyone pick this up? Is it any good?

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My roomate picked it up about 10 min. ago, expect a review sometime this weekend when I'm done with my audition!

#7 Posted by G-Man (19514 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah I might have to pick it up. Ultimates was good. And it's only like 12 bucks or so.

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I didn't care for it, and I'm an Iron Man fan. I know things need to be changed at times, but they basically just changed a whole bunch of things for no other reason than just to change them. The "prophecy" origin is just lame, but I could have dealt with even that if not for the lame way they explained the Mandarin away.

The fights against the "Elementals" are entertaining, but that's about it. As far as story-telling goes, it's not in the same league as the Ultimate Avengers movies.

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