Hulkbuster suit in Iron man 2?

#1 Posted by fallen reptile (224 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulkbuster armor could possibly be in new iron man movie?
#2 Posted by RATZGobbler (180 posts) - - Show Bio

Could we have an article reference so our hype is not poorly founded?

#3 Posted by 123422 (1010 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe not this one, try Avengers movie, maybe Tony fights Hulk there.
There were Hulkbusters in the Incredible Hulk game, they look just like the dome-headed one Tony uses only with a gray paintjob.

#4 Posted by IronManNoir (51 posts) - - Show Bio

Highly doubt that. Maybe in the Avengers movie though. That would be really cool!!!

#5 Edited by heroic_warrior76 (116 posts) - - Show Bio

That would be awesome, still hoping I can buy him his action figure in "Iron Man 2" Comic Book Series. I heard it is a very hard to find action figure.

#6 Posted by Speedy92286 (197 posts) - - Show Bio
Have to agree. Unless Tony is fighting Hulk, what's the point of the Hulkbuster AKA anti-hulk armor?
#7 Posted by Icon (2109 posts) - - Show Bio

It won't be in Iron Man 2, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get to see it at some point (probably in the Avengers). After all, Tony is aware of the threat Hulk poses in the Marvel Movieverse. 

#8 Posted by The Jeff (290 posts) - - Show Bio

just watched Iron Man 2, no hulkbusters

#9 Posted by weapon x badazz (631 posts) - - Show Bio

Dint see them or any reference of them in it 
#10 Posted by hdorman1 (4633 posts) - - Show Bio

i didnt see one 
maybe in the extra scenes in the dvd 
cap and thor were eluded to but nothing to do with the hulk was even mentioned

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