Have I missed something? The invincible iron man #520

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Who is the person in the 'new' iron man suit and who is the person in the 'old' iron man suit? Is it Rhody and Pepper? Everything in this issue just seemed very rushed....

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@Gonzo33: Rhodey is in the new Iron Man suit........but for some reason, Marvel thought it'd make sense to have a cover with Tony in the suit. Just confuses more people, especially since the only place they've properly established it's Rhodey in the suit is routinely on the previously on pages.

Pepper Potts is Rescue. That was the "classic" Iron Man suit I think you're referring to.

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@X35 Thanks! It just seemed like people were turning up out of nowhere. For a conclusion to this arc, it was pretty much, detroit steel killed and Tony under mind control. All of which could have been told in 3 issues instead of 5.
#4 Posted by X35 (6450 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gonzo33: Yeah, I've been dipping in and out (litch just here for Melter - who's been handled terribly)... it's just been told really badly. They keep forgetting to give details like explicitly confirming in the story who the new Iron Man is...and that damn cover doesn't help at all...we still haven't seen or had it referred to as Rhodey under that armor. Except in the last 3 issues when on the previously on bit it says "James Rhodes faked his death and became the new Iron Man". And I don't even want to try and make sense of who the hell Detroit Steel is anymore. It's gone from being a guy to a woman to a guy again.

Melter should just show up and melt everyone involved with trying to tell this story.

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so tony can't be iron man because of drinking and rhodes fills in... where have I heard this before?

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