Has Tony Stark gotten annoying to you?

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Ever since Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Tony Stark, Tony Stark has become really annoying to me. Truthfully, I'm referring to animated portrayals.  They seem to go out of their way to make Tony really obnoxious. Particularly in the Iron Man Japanese anime, and Avenger's Assemble. I really can't stand his portrayal in these shows. 
The thing is I really like Downey's portrayal in the first movie. (The second movie not so much.)   Downey wasn't that annoying, yet I get the impression the change is based on this portrayal. 
Prior to his live action movie debut, Tony Stark was really cool to me. I loved what they did in the comics, the Iron Man: The Animated series, The Ultimate Avengers movie, and the Invincible Iron Man animated movie. I also like what they are doing in the current Iron Armored Adventures animation.  I agree that Tony stark (separate of Iron Man)  wasn't as memorable, but In these portrayals he's really likable. But if there going to do this they really need to balance out the emotions so they are more entertaining and less irritating. 
Do people really like this new more obnoxious Iron Man? I'd hate to think that his character will always be portrayed this way from now on. 

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I don't mind his RDJ-like portrayal.  
Makes the character more appealing (to me anyway)

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Christ, they ripped Downeys portrayal wholesale from the films in the animated Avengers, I just find his constant conversations with "computer Jarvis" intolerable more than anything, I guess it replaces thought bubbles on screen though

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me neither though it does bother me sometimes.
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I don't find Tony Stark anything like RDJ in his current series.So I say no

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I think the way they've portrayed stark in the animated shows and the invicible iron man 2007 movie not obnoxious but just outright bland. There wasnt much substance to Tony and it really bothers me because tony has such a strong personallity. I love what they have done in the live action movie though and i also have realized that matt fraction in his invincible iron man story arc has portrayed rhodey exactly how he is in the movies which really bothers me because rhodey is so much better in the comics

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Yes. I like RDJ's portrayal but only in the movie.
All the cartoons n such are basing their Iron Man off of  him and all that Jarvis crap is getting annoying.

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no he the same jerk he always was.
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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:
Yes. I like RDJ's portrayal but only in the movie. All the cartoons n such are basing their Iron Man off of  him and all that Jarvis crap is getting annoying.
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He has been annoying to me every now and then, Yes

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No, but Cyclops is.

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@jeanroygrant said:

No, but Cyclops is.

This ^

I actually don't like him in EMH. He's supposed to be the guy that expects the future, but, so far, they have made him very arrogant and self-righteous and always gets proven wrong by all the other characters.

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Iron Man is very annoying to me you can look up any girl in the marvel universe and it say ironman slept with her people ironman should never know slept with it annoying . also it annoying is when people say ironman is unhackable or is a genius IRONMAN HAS BEEN HACKED 1000 times all his villains hacked him Iron man causes his own villains and it stupid when people say he doesnt or is something that he not iron man dies all the time he not as powerful ppl make him it annoying

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His writers have.

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They have made him the "so obnoxious/arrogant you should like him because it has it's own irony" guy, but really he's just a douchebag. Not a fan or Ironman anymore.

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