Download Iron Man on the Same Day as Print Release

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 You might not get Mandarin in the movies, but you're getting him here, for damn sure!

Pay attention to this, everybody. It could be looked back on as a significant event in the history of comics distribution. Marvel’s just put out a press release regarding INVINCIBLE IRON-MAN ANNUAL #1. The 80-page giant, written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico, is hitting comic store’s shelves on the 30.

Its three chapter will also be available for download on the Marvel Comics app on the 30.

That’s right, this will be the first time a Marvel title will be made available for purchase in print and digitally on the same day. I’m sure it’s success will determine whether fans we’ll be seeing more of this distribution model soon. Actually, given how rapidly things happen with “new media”, it could very well mean we’ll see many more Marvel titles offered like this, very soon. The debate regarding print versus digital has raged for many a month now and I’m sure this is going to be a major talking point in the discussion.  To mix metaphors, it could crack open the dam or snuff out like a flash in the pan - - either way it’s going to open a can of worms.  

 == TEASER ==

The biggest question, of course, is whether the digital version’s availability will undercut the analog version’s sales.  Why pay more for print when you can get the same comic on your computer for less, and not even have to wait longer for it, either? Again, I don’t claim to be a market expert, but I’ve heard enough anecdotal stories from industry people at conventions that digital sales supposedly translate into physical copy sales. Supposedly that’s been happening a lot in the music business. Apparently, a lot of people who download a song on iTunes and love it go the store and buy the CD, or tell their friends to - - and that kind of buying habit could very well translate to comics. 
As always, I stress that I personally prefer to read comics in print, but there’s a sizable portion of the audience who enjoys digital just the same and any sensible business is going to cater to all parts of its audience. Marvel has to address the (pun intended) torrent of digital piracy eventually.  I don’t think digital will necessarily ever replace print so much as supplement to it. So keep your eyes on how INVINCIBLE IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 does in a few weeks.

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great idea on Marvel's part....I have no problem with digital distribution and as long as they're putting out a hard copy the same day then it should satisfy both sides of the argument

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And it costs  $4.99. Isn't that more? Didn't all the people screaming for digital comics want them less expensive?

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@danhimself: Agreed
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@johnny spam yea the pricing model makes it kinda bogus... dislike!

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Reading comics on my computer is fine, but nothing beats laying on the couch with my cat and flipping pages. Best thing in the world!
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@longbowhunter said:
" Reading comics on my computer is fine, but nothing beats laying on the couch with my cat and flipping pages. Best thing in the world! "
so true
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@longbowhunter said:
" Reading comics on my computer is fine, but nothing beats laying on the couch with my cat and flipping pages. Best thing in the world! "
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It is a great idea and a great market tactic. 
Having something cheaper available worldwide that us updated (release date) is great.  
I live outside the states and sometimes my weekly dose takes too long, having it online would be easier, and I would still buy it on print. 
That said, there is probably a couple of comics I want to read each month that I am not sure if buying them is the right choice, having them online also helps.

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ill just buy the hard copy 

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The thing to be noted is that this more than likely will be the foundation for Iron Man 3 with the introduction of the Manderin. Marvel tends to follow some of their stories closely hence "Ultimates' being an outline for the Avengers movie. By the time Iron Man 3 comes out, it will be around 3-4 years from the book releasing. I just hope it is good.

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I'll stick with my paper copy, thanks.

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I've been playing around with my new iPad for the last week and I've spent most of my time using the Marvel App and the Comics App its based off of. At least right now it's the way I prefer reading, it looks really good, it doesn't take up physical space (beyond the iPad obviously) and the panel-by-panel view is really slick. The only problem is the fact that the comic selection is limited and the newest stuff is at least a couple years old. So I'm all for this, especially if it means this will start happening more frequently.
I don't really think this will affect the bottom-line of Comic Book shops, at least for awhile. I think the customers they have will keep coming back. I believe stuff like the Marvel App is expanding into an audience who doesn't often frequent comic shops like myself.

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@longbowhunter: QFT = Quoted For Truth
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@Dark Cell said:
" ill just buy the hard copy  "
I do the same but I'm not against the idea of digital comics
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clever because all those people (myself included) who got a month free digital comics from Ironman Dr.Pepper  will have our subscription to free comics ending on the 29th.  Thus if we want to get this ironman supersize for free and keep our other digital comic addiction we've have to sign up and pay for a month.
If you ask me this has been the plan from the start. They chose to go with Ironman the same character that hooked the digital comics prizes with Dr. Pepper. 
I don't live near a comic store I have to order them and pay for shipping.  If they had more same day releases I'd buy a month of digital.
And I don't have an ipad or i-anything. I just read comics on my computer. Not all of us live in big cities we can't go go to a comic book store. the closest one to me is in Virginia 3 hours away and I live in North Carolina.

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So, is there a link to where I would buy this digitally?

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