Does Tony still have the Extremis powers?

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 After the Disassembled story arc, Tony is now using the Bleeding Edge Armor which from my understanding is all Nano Technology. What does it do? Does it give him the same powers like the Extremis Virus (e.g. remotely connect to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers) or it just covers him in his super-cool armor and can replicate any weapons at his mental command? 
For the record i didn't like the Extremis powers. Its like it gave Tony the power of Technopathy and I hated the idea. The reason why I love Iron Man comics is because Tony doesn't have superpowers and he relies only on his genius and the greatest power of all: cold-hard cash! just kidding :D 

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Yes I think so

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Since it is essentially an upgrade, you can indeed assume he still has the heightened powers of Extremis. Which would make sense for the fact that he can access his armor's functionality without speech commands, but in a rather 'wireless brainwave communication'. So why only his armor and not other devices. Plus a genius wouldn't downgrade his software. That wouldn't make any sense.

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@ShirEPanjshir said:
"Plus a genius wouldn't downgrade his software. That wouldn't make any sense. "
totally correct! One thing about Iron Man is change/upgrades/modifications just like technology. Thanks for the input!
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Tony still has the extremis abilities, the armour has been modified by himself and Reed Richards (the armour he wears now). But he still can call the armour out of nothing and has the healing ability that extremis gave him. So in a nut shell yeah! 

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with the Extemis virus that made him almost a cyborg...

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@Brit said:
" with the Extemis virus that made him almost a cyborg... "
Pretty much
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What exactly is the difference between the Extremis and the Bleeding Edge armor? Here is what I think:
1. First, the Extremis is a techo-organic virus that turns Tony into a literal USB port where the Iron Man armor snaps-on and allows him to pilot it through his nervous system. Plus it gives him the ability of wireless communication and enhanced physical attributes like a healing factor of sorts. 

2. The Bleeding Edge is composed of nanobots that comes out from his body and encases him with in armor. It also can form any weapons he imagines but does it also give him the same abilities the Extremis virus gives even without activating the armor? I read in issue #29 Tony can used the nanobots to make his vision telescopic.
So all in all, as karrob said, both of this innovations have pretty much turned Tony into a cyborg. Iron Man keeps getting cooler and cooler!  

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yes, and they've been takin to new heights

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no i think not.. extremis virus have been shut down by the skrull biological weapon during the secret invasion.. then it has been rendered useless ever since(probably excreted out of the body like all viruses)

the bleeding edge armor was created to help replicate and replace tony's previous extremis abilities to what he had lost. Being called "an upgrade" to Extremis by Mr. Fantastic, Tony Stark corrected this comment by saying, "Nah - this is what comes next". stating that means, Tony Stark does not rely on the extremis anymore. It also meant that a more direct symbiote relationship between an armor and the user without the use of a bridge(like the extremis virus) he can specifically bond with the Bleeding edge armor making the user and the armor "all in one" without the use of the extremis virus nor depending on it

bleeding edge armor has granted all the powers of the extremis virus(this is not a trade off to extremis). he combined his physiological body, the new bleeding edge technology and a new arc reactor for enhance brain functions. nanotech to cure what damage has been done to his body as long the arc reactor power is not interrupted.

note:Bleeding edge armor technology is not an upgrade to extremis, this is what comes next to extremis

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@ShirEPanjshir: its not an upgrade he totally replaced it with bleeding edge armor.. read the comics issue Invincible Iron Man #25 a genius will not upgrade nor downgrade it, he will replace it

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@jake0814: That's just semantics and I asure you, I've read that issue since Invincible Iron Man is a steady series on my pull list. Not sure why you discussing semantics is relevant to this topic either. But anyway, to me, replacing something aged with something newer and better can be considered upgrading.

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@ShirEPanjshir:sorry bro for bein straight. well to me i would not call "upgrading" my windows to mac.. same like upgrading my nokia to iphone.. sounds wrong to me.. bleeding edge platform is very different thing to extremis.. it operates without biological assistance lets say like the extremis virus, it just manipulates itself out of the wearer.. and i quote " it operates without servos or whatever machinations like all in the previous armors"

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he definitely still has his Extremis powers...they're a part of him...he can't get rid of them

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@danhimself said:

he definitely still has his Extremis powers...they're a part of him...he can't get rid of them

And why would he want to?

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Bump! Didn't Tony get rid if Extremis/Bleeding Edge and now he's using other suits? I'm not caught up on Iron man. Also if he is indeed using new suits without extremis/B.E. then doesn't be lose a bit of power? Now he has kind of taken a step backwards unless I'm missing something?

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With Extremis the virus wasn't the source of the powers, it was the delivery system. When Tony was infected with the specialized strain it rewired his genetic makeup. The Extremis powers are a part of him now. The abilities can be blocked, as happened with the Skrull, but to actually get rid of them altogether someone would have to actually change his genetic structure again.

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Bump. Does current Tony have extremis in him?

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