Does Iron Man poop in his armor?

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Does Iron Man have to take bathroom breaks, or is his armor designed so he can go while wearing it? If he poops in the suit, what happens to the poop? Is it immediately expelled or stored for later? Maybe his armor should load the poop into balloons to launch at his enemies. This is the dumbest thing I have ever written. Or is it the most brilliant? If I were a villain, I would definitely not want an arch-enemy who shoots poop at me.

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Nah, I'm sure he doesn't. He can remove his armor quite fast.

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He's barfed in it before.

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I think Tony is too classy to use feces as a weapon. Now if I were Iron Man my whole suit would be brown and launching diarrhea.

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Well at least we know he takes a piss in his armor thanks to Jon Favreau.

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No -.-

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I imagine his suit acts as a toilet and beday.

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Someone find scans of him mentioning staying in the suit for X long amount of time. I'm sure they exist. Then we'll know.

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I'm gonna say yes.

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Hahaha this thread is win xD

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there is a chute in the armor to hygienically removes waste and mini repulsors incinerate the waste into ash on the way out

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I'm thinking not. If so, I'd imagine there would have to be some sort of fecal collection device inserted into Tony's rectum each time he suits up. I would say he wouldn't enjoy that, but you never know nowadays.

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It gets recycled into nutrition paste to be reused as food.

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Yeah that the whole reason there was a Civil war. They wanted Iron Man's poop in armor tech, and he wouldn't come off it.

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It's the peak of technology, wearing a suit without taking it off when you need to do your number 2.

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Funny thread.
I think he does. He probably created some type of portable toilet inside his armor.

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Who knows? :P

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Out of all the topics I started, this is the one with legs....

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Feces could easily be converted into an alternate source of energy.

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