Do you think an Iron man suit could exist in real life?

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I know this thread has possibly been made before, but I searched and couldn't find anything so I assume the threads are just dead and im just gonna start this one, no harm done I guess. plus this is a bit different.

Not only do you think it could think it would be effective for combat? (or for anything really)

I think that in theory it could exist, maybe not as refined as the one in the comics or with so much extravaganza but it could exist...

However I doubt it would be effective at all, I actually believe that in some occasions it might actually kill the wearer faster.

First of all there is the weight and mobility issue: The suit definitely weights over 40 kilos at the very least, and that doesn't include the weigh of the missiles or weaponry it may have. So you have to wonder how is it that the wearer will be able to move as if he was wearing no clothes at all? not only does he have an extra 40 kg to carry, but he is dealing with a material that is not flexible at all, and the suit doesn't leave any opening, so it baffles me how TS can actually move like a professional ballerina while wearing the suit.

Then there's the defense issue: many would think that because the suit is an armor it would actually protect the wearer from anything, which is partially true, if Iron man would only be getting shot (and even shots would hurt, simply put you cant prevent vibrations from happening and the suit material will always hit against the wearer, no matter how skintight it is) then it might work, but for the kind of punishment that iron man gets, like being hit with extreme force and sent flying usually plummeting to the ground at extreme speeds, hell naw, no suit will protect you against that, and it could even perfectly make matters worse, you'd be ricocheting inside the suit, even if its skintight, the metal AND the force from the fall and hit will be crashing against your body and you'd be dead in a second.

Tl;dr it could exist but it wouldn't be very smart to wear it.

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They're actually already working on it, we're probably about 100 years from it having any where near Iron Man's capabilities but it is plausible

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@joshmightbe said:

They're actually already working on it, we're probably about 100 years from it having any where near Iron Man's capabilities but it is plausible

I actually read something about it, but I think in the end the creator said it was more inspired on Halo than Iron Man, and the suit wasn't actually very Iron man-like

Anyway I think it's much better on invest in a nanosuit prototype, it would be so much more effective than an iron man suit

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@lightleggy: Robot suit is a robot suit

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@joshmightbe said:

@lightleggy: Robot suit is a robot suit

But the material of the suit changes a lot, the nanosuit is promising because it's not made of metal, so it would be a lot lighter than a metal suit and it would allow for better mobility, not to mention you wouldn't have to worry about a "ricochet" effect.

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For the moment this is the closest thing we have.

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the suit exactly like the comic's one, think is impossible, but in a few years (a lot xD) we gonna see body amplifiers, i thinks japanese has it in his hospital

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We would have to build millions of different prototypes before we can make one similar to the movie.

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yes, only problem is propulsion and energy source

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@TheAntiReVamp said:

We would have to build millions of different prototypes before we can make one similar to the movie.
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im building it right now. just need more coke cans. must drink faster.

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@KainScion said:

im building it right now. just need more coke cans. must drink faster.

This is actually a pretty productive way to recycle.

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The problem with something like an Iron Man suit is, by the time we have the technology to build one, we'll have the technology not to need it anymore. So no, I doubt it'll ever be built other than as a show piece.

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The only real problem in creating an Iron Man suit is the power source.

If you think about, the Arc Reactor (Repulsor Battery) is what started everything. It is almost unlimited, waste-free, renewable energy. It creates enough energy to power the Iron Man for days even, and without any single waste.

If we can create a power source like that, then the Iron Man (and it's applications) are literally no problem at all.

BUT easier said than done, huh?

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I don't have a very fine grasp on (reality) engineering, but from what I can think of off the top of my head, there are a few main problems.

For starters, fuel. We're having difficulty locating small, portable sources of alternative energy as it is. For an Iron Man suit to function and be portable, we would need a much more free supply. In the movies, that's repulsor tech. Repulsor energy is clean energy, rather than a liquid or gaseous fuel, greatly cutting down on the footprint. Not to mention that energy weighs nothing. It also doesn't seem to burn or generate heat while still mainting concussive force. Utilizing anything else could result in heating problems that would effectively turn the armor into a human shaped toaster. And while you could potentially wear fireproof padding beneath the suit, that would probably be destroyed by the second problem.

The moving parts. All those moving plates and gears, and beneath it all, is your skin/clothing. Ever gone to brush your hair, and had it catch on a snag? Similiar concept, except the snag is your SKIN, and the brush is STEEL PLATING. Which, by the way, you probably can't remove on the fly. Hence the need for Stark's removal rig in the movies. So that'd be excruciatingly painful, and anything caught up in works (like your FLESH) could potentially cause a problem that would result in even more things going wrong.

Also, moving around in the suit. Provided the above is fine, you would need motorized joints that could do the moving for you. These would be the source of 'super strength'. However, say your operating system is compromised. In reality, you'd probably have to use an AI to run all that, which is why Stark has Jarvis. Jarvis was designed personally by Stark, but the only way something like that is being made in reality (in the near future) and put into a suit is via linking to a supercomputer. Which could be hacked by an outside source and put under their control. Suddenly you're trapped in a suit that can move all on it's own. And say something goes wrong with that operating system. Such as you begin to move and it estimates you are going to turn a little to the left, thus causing the motorized joints in the suit to follow that movement. One small miscalculation and you are doing a one eighty ONLY FROM THE WAIST UP.

So yeah, I'll say a prototype of the suit could probably be made today. WIth a LOT of wasted money. Function properly with a person inside controlling it from within? Probably not, no.

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It would take a lot of resources and would have have to be a focus of a lot of powerful people

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Crazy, I was thinking about this earlier this morning. 
If you remember, Obidiah, in the movie, was furious because he had no means to POWERING the suit he had developed. He needed a power source, and the only one that could POSSIBLY power it was Tony and his Arc Reactor design. Like, if you think about it, you would need a battery strong enough to power a small city if you would even HOPE to power even the Mk II armor. Because the Arc Reactor is self-sustaining, it can, potentially, go on for days and weeks (however, Tony burns the crap out of that thing, as we saw in The Avengers). 
The model of the suit isn't impossible, but it is the power source that is the inherent problem.

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i know there is a physics and engineering expert/iron man fanatic somewhere out there sitting in their basement creating a functioning replica of the suit.. one day it will be revealed to the world

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Even if we had the engineering to build a suit, and a battery strong enough to power it, a human couldn't actually use it.

The only thing holding back the top speeds and turning arcs of modern fighter jets is the fact that our bodies simply cannot take the g-forces. In a suit or armour there would be even less space for features that could mitigate this, so we would take off, hit full speed and immediately pass out. A turn at speed would probably kill us.

There's also the problem of breathing. Above certain speeds it is impossible for us to actually pull air into our lungs, so the suit would have to have an enclosed oxygen supply, which would mean either using the suit for short periods of time, or stopping frequently to let the air tanks refill

All of which makes me sad, as I really want an Iron man suit. Stupid science

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It is impossible for a number of reasons, power, and you would not be able to move properly. Also a shot to the torso from a 9mm would kill you from the vibrations, there is a reason UK police dont have steel body armour anymore, where ever the bullet hits the metal all the force is tranfered to the body throughout the metal, if you where in a suit you would have all your bones broken and more.

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Might see it by the time we are all too old to use it. =(.

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Under current technology it would be impossible to create anything that would even resemble in form of function an Iron Man armor. There are dozens of areas where current tech falls short, the power source being the biggest hurdle. Just look at the battery packs in electric cars and imagine you need to shrink it by a factor of 20 and increase the storage by a factor of at least 1,000.

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Not yet.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Might see it by the time we are all too old to use it. =(.

Not unless you keep yourself cryogenically frozen.

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hey ..i can make a small power source like an (arc reactor)

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Yes, they could do a suit, but in real life the weak link is the human in the suit who would not survive the sort of hits Stark has survived. Internal organs and the like don't react well to massive trauma, huge G force etc..

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@lightleggy: Sir, this is not a scam. I have no intentions to bring you or anyone else spyware, malware, or a virus. You can build your own iron man suit. Pictures are included on the site.

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In terms of military applications I think a suit of power armor or an exoskeleton are certainly possible for ground forces. I do not think its possible to see one flying around though.

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I don't think they'll get anywhere close to even Iron Man's MK III but I could see inventors getting to at least MK I or MK II.

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