Disneyland Now Sells Marvel Merchandise

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According the the Orange County Register, Marvel has invaded Disneyland, to a small degree. 

The Disneyland Resort is adding Marvel merchandise to its shelves — the first time that Marvel has appeared at the Anaheim property since Disney bought the comic-book powerhouse late last year. 

 Disney has finally utilized the Marvel property in a minor way: to sell merchandise. This is a small step towards something a lot bigger. Disneyland is selling the Marvel wares and toys in their Downtown District for now, but this could be the start of something bigger. 

 One theme-park expert — David Cobb, the creative director at Thinkwell Design and Production in Burbank — predicted that merchandise would be among the first Marvel additions to the theme parks when Disney announced the purchase plans in August.

This will only continue to grow. More and more merchandise will appear in more of the Disney stores, and after that, we may start to see small attractions pop up here and there. Why hasn't Disney just gone all out? I'm pretty sure that there is a contract with Universal Studios at this time that won't allow Marvel-based rides and attractions to go up, until the contract with them is up. 
What kinds of things do you guys hope to see at Disney World and Disney Land revolving around the world of Marvel?
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Please tell me I can get comics at the same place I can ride Space mountain....

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You can get comics at Universal Studios.

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@Aronmorales:  not yet... but soon
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@AllysonPaden said:
" You can get comics at Universal Studios. "
I know, but say I've got some money, a need for an Avengers story, and the lines are too long in Disney land.
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i think it be cool if they created a whole marvel park.
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It's so weird that here there's Disney World and Universal Studios. All the Marvel rides across the street from the new owners.

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More kids of today, if they aren't already, are going to have Marvel characters in beaded in their heads just from little things like this that Disney is doing. 
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I was at Disney's Animal Kingdom recently and I saw Iron Man 2 toys in a Dinoland U.S.A. store. PRETTY WEIRD, HUH????????
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@Aronmorales said:
" Please tell me I can get comics at the same place I can ride Space mountain.... "
Yeah but only Spacey related comics like Nova and such. If you wanted Sub Mariner you'd have to go ride Finding Nemo
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Marvel rides anyone?

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Punisher at Disney 



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@thechessclub said:
" @Aronmorales said:
" Please tell me I can get comics at the same place I can ride Space mountain.... "
Yeah but only Spacey related comics like Nova and such. If you wanted Sub Mariner you'd have to go ride Finding Nemo "
Haha, funny.
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whoo hooo!

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@Aronmorales said:
"Please tell me I can get comics at the same place I can ride Space mountain...."

actually they have magazine stands at disney.  Last time I was there I bought a couple  books but that was in 1989
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i expected this, but let's hope they go with it,
silver surfer helping you in space mountain and all that random stuff

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Does that mean Disney Stores in the malls will sell Marvel Comics T-Shirts and toys and such?  Or just the Gift Shops in the parks?

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That or Punisher in Kindom Hearts, lol.
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Now you can meet Iron Man along with Cinderella.  What could be better than that?

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Sweet! being  a Disneyland  fan since I been going every winter and summer season and marvel fan too at the same time is epic in my book so all we need now is the comics but maybe they are probably  there already hopefully. Come on marvel fans were going to Disneyland. : D  

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I really want that Iron Man t shirt !
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Still curious about how the merger impacts Universal's Marvel-licensed attractions.

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Huh... I work in Disneyland and never have I see that Iron Man merchandise...
Well it's nice to see the Marvel buy out is doing something for our benefit.... Disneyland rides and Marvel merchandise is a good combo from where I stand!

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spidey gonna sell u his comic while your in line

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We literally just got back from a trip to Disney World this weekend! I was so happy to see Marvel merch at Disney. There wasn't much in the actual parks (the occasional Iron Man and Spiderman toy showed up). But my wife went to Downtown Disney and said there was a huge section in one of the stores dedicated to Marvel. She saw comics, shirts, and...Iron Man Potato Head  that I've been looking for forever (paid twice what I would anywhere else but it's mine now!)
What really got me was how many comic book T-shirts I saw! I didn't see them sold in any stores (unless they were at Downtown Disney) but I saw so many people wearing classic Marvel shirts (Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Avengers, are just the ones I remember)

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What's gonna happen to Marvel's island of adventure in the Universal theme park?

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as long as they dont crap it up with disney logo's i aint sayin anything

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How long before you start having to go to the Disney Store instead of your favorite comic shop for certain exclusive issues?

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