Could IRON MAN Exist in Real Life?

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Canada's very own Tony Stark.

Marvel’s been running a fun series of articles on its official website wherein scientists hypothesize as to how Iron Man’s armor might work in reality. It’s been a long time since I’ve studied physics and chemistry, so I’ll admit it took a couple reads to fully grasp the science being discussed in these. What I’m able to glean is that Shellhead’s rocket boots are probably the hardest things to reconcile out of all his technological wonders. That’s right, his arc-reactor heart is actually more plausible than his rocket boots. The rub seems to be that such a propulsion system would need a LOT of fuel and Tony isn’t exactly flying around with a big tank on his back. They actually bring up the delightfully macabre notion that Mr. Stark’s own bodily-fluids could prove to be a viable alternative source. You’ll have to read it to understand.

You know, I rarely ever get a bug up my butt about suspending my disbelief but… I had to raise my eyebrow over Tony’s whole solution to his “palladium predicament” in IRON MAN 2. I don’t know if it was even so much that he was able to synthesize a completely new element in his living room (and what was it supposed to be? Vibranium?) but the notably arcane way he figured out its composition.

Marvel’s articles drop links to various photos and videos of prototype jetpacks as examples of “real life Iron Men” in action, but I have to say I’ve already seen a real life Iron Man. There even was an entire documentary about him called PROJECT: GRIZZLY. I’m talking about Canadian inventor, Troy Hurtubise, who designed eight different marks of his Ursus armor so he could eventually fight a grizzly bear mano-a-mano to settle an old grudge. You’ll understand what I’m saying after you watch the trailer below… == TEASER == 


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LMAO! I need to look up more on this Project Grizzly thing... Hilarious stuff, Tom! 
Yeah, kinda funny that even though Tony was, what, eight years old at the time, Howard had complete confidence that his son would be genius enough to figure THAT out, lol

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I would imagine within the next 50-60 years us having a lot of the same tech. Probably not in a super slim suit(Who knows :P) or anywhere near the same power output.  
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Hey, let's tie this tree trunk up in the air, drop it and hit our friend with it.....  can you say "Kids, do NOT try this at home."?

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Ewok methods?

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lol @ vid. I'm sure one day we'll have the same tech

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I want Extremis. Now please.

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hows he gonna fight a bear?. The dude waddles instead of walking the bear will just run and jump on him and maul the sh*t out of the armour till its bored and leaves.
also somebody get this chump a copy of Moby dick the concept of revenge doesnt really work with animals

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@lazystudent said:
" hows he gonna fight a bear?. The dude waddles instead of walking the bear will just run and jump on him and maul the sh*t out of the armour till its bored and leaves. "
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Haha, when that log hit him and he fell straight back, I started cracking up.

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This meat head said a hundred thousand dollars later.  That means he's spent more then that already,  I love the annoucer "This time you've done it 'aye'.  Canadian rejects.  Good ol America Jr.
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Howard Hughes, the inspiration for Tony Stark is actually the only man in known history who possibly can make an Iron Man suit, actually the first two models. If Stan Lee was to answer to this, you would probably be suprised that he would say the same thing as I just said.
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@Tom Pinchuk: The idea with these comic families is that they are downand out better than everyone else. Tony's father knew his son would be just as brilliant as he was, just like the anyone with the DNA of Bruce Wayne is destined to be epic, and so on...
 I think Howard putting the plans for a new element in an architectural design was pretty cool. Its better, imo, then him writing it down on some note that anyone can find. And comon. Tony designed a miniature super battery and personal tank in a cave, and then a technological masterpiece in his garage. Lets not start drawing lines at synthesizing a mineral that has already been mapped out for him. he's tony stark. One day he'll control technology with his mind... we can get upset then.

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Yeah some footage of this was shown in the UK to RDJ on Jonathan Ross (big chat show guy on BBC America and writer of Turf comic) a few weeks ago. RDJ just sort of looked at it blankly and thanked god their film had a budget!

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Starts around 5 minutes. Pretty funny.

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We'll probably see the larger mechs from anime before we see something like Iron Man because it's not only about creating the technologies needed but miniaturizing it for practical use by soldiers. 

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The guy who made the bear suit designed this armor for the U.S. and Canadian military. 
He's just trying to find a way to make the cost effective. 
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spoiler for iroman2 
member in the movie when tony hacks into the video and shows how some countries are trying to replicate the ironman armor  and failing
this is bacisally the same thing ahhaha

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Project Grizzly is yet one more reason why Canada is one of the most amazing countries in the world. Ahhhh yeah.

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Haha, that guy is from my hometown.

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@Riezner said:
"Haha, when that log hit him and he fell straight back, I started cracking up. "

I was rollin' when I watched that!
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Is that real the bottom 3
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@Namor1987: Yes.  They were all screencaps from a news footage I found online, after seeing it on TV.
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Eh, to try and pick apart the realism (or lack thereof) is a lost cause. He wouldn't be able to fly at those speeds and retain any mobility in his arms, legs, or neck for that matter, without those bones snapping. Also, his jets are powered by electricity, not fuel.

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grizly bear curbstomp

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