Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Iron Man Movie Moment

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The wait is almost over, friends. Iron Man 3 will hit theaters this Friday in the US (yeah, yeah... I know you international Viners have already seen it multiple times) and we want to take a stroll down memory lane. Robert Downey Jr. never fails to impress with his virtually unparalleled level of charisma and he's helped transform Tony Stark into a character we simply love to watch. There's no doubt the character has countless highlights in his history with Marvel Studios, but we can't help but wonder which is your favorite. So, we've narrowed it down to 15 scenes and we're curious to see which will rise above the competition. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). A new feature with the results will go on the homepage shortly after, so don't forget to check back then! Once again, posting your favorite moment in the comments below will not count as a vote. You need to CLICK HERE TO VOTE. Got it? Good.

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Can't wait until Friday!

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"Iron Man vs Chitauri / nuke scene (The Avengers)"

I loved it when Iron Man was surprised to see Chitauri storming through the wormhole and thus, he tried to do everything he can to stop them from destroy everything. Best scene in my opinion!

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I don't know if this count's but it's pretty funny.

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When all those terrorists are shooting at him, and nothing happens. Then he just says "my turn" and obliterates them all... I loved that scene.

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Iron Man to Thor: "Shakespeare in the Park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"

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This movie was a let down for me they went way overboard with the comedy.

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@flameboy298: and the magic solve-do-anything-lava. and man did the bad guys suck. so lame and predictable. but the mandarin twist was good but predictable.

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First Flight, First Flight, First Flight, First Flight, First Flight, First Flight....

Must be First Flight

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"We have a Hulk" words to describe the best Tony Stark scene ever in my opinion.

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His threat to Loki was pretty good

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iron man-thor fight scene in the woods i thought was pretty good without making either look more awesome than the other

iron man-war machine fight in tonys mantion was also pretty badass

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I love Iron-man 2 starting scene, when he jumps out of the plane and flies into the Stark Expo, surrounded by fireworks, and with AC/DC´s track Shoots to Thrill. “Oh, it´s good to be back!”. This scene summarized Stark´s essence. It´s perfect!

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Iron Man and Iron Patriot vs The Mandarin simply because the Mandarin proved two things, one was I did not see it coming and two his analogy of fortune cookies granted he proved that earlier.

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I liked Iron Man 3 (more than 1+2 even), but I hated the Mandarin reveal. So much in fact, that it took me out of the movie for a few minutes. Also, I think they took the comedy of it all too far this time. Its almost a superhero parody movie. I didn't like that. Apart from that though... I had a lot of fun.

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"Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave.... With a box of scraps!"

My favourite scene doesn't even include Tony Stark.

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Soooooo. Manyyyy. MOMENTSSSS!!!

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Iron Man vs Technovore in Rise of Technovore.

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When he takes a pis in his own suit

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